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     Dr. Le' Isaac Gardner Msc. D., is an internationally known metaphysician and ordained minister, who also specializes in clinical and trans-personal hypnotherapy. Taking hypnotherapy and pushing it past the norm, by introducing metaphysical therapies into practice. While being very well versed in the nature of the world within and around us, given his PhD. in Metaphysical Science, Le'Isaac also graduated from one of the most prestigious schools of hypnotherapy in the country, Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy in Tampa, FL. There, Le' Isaac became one of the very few State of Florida certified hypnotherapists, and one of the most thoroughly trained hypnotherapists available. In conjunction with his knowledge of worldly and extra-dimensional esoteric, Le' Isaac has a vast array of therapies that can be brought into use to help the clients that may be shut in or at a distance as well as the physically present clients.

As a Tampa native, Le' Isaac continues to be a spark in the community. Creating and teaching a free music program for mentally and physically handicapped individuals and groups, throughout Tampa Bay. Following in the footsteps of his father, Robert Gardner Sr., grandmother Georgette Gardner, and great grandmother, Annie Mattox, who were all educators and have community parks and 3D murals in their name sake throughout the city and state. Le' Isaac graduated from H.B. Plant High School where he excelled in sports, music, and earned the Directors Award for Music. Le' Isaac then moved forward to Florida A&M University, where he majored in Political Science and minored in music. Le' Isaac continued his studies in music and also earned another degree in the recording arts for audio engineering. Using his background in music, Le' Isaac produces hypnotic sounds for movies, music, and subliminals to further enhance his ability to help clients.

After spending over ten years in the television and music industry, Le'Isaac chose metaphysics and hypnotherapy as the most effective ways to help people in the community re-claim they're lives. Therefore, Gardner Hypnotherapy and Metaphysics was born.


Located in Tampa Heights. Well known for it's historic homes and neighboring Ybor City.

Le' Isaac's office is situated at a central location a few minutes away from downtown Tampa. Near Robert Gardner Park, Ulele Restaurant, and the new Armature Works, and Water Works Park. With easy access to and from all major roads, highways, and the Leroy Selmon Expressway, your visit will bring you to the heart of our city, within reach of our great culture, history, and fabulous Tampa restaurants. Come visit.

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