Gardner Hypnotherapy


A metaphysical approach affects all that exists.

Common uses of hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking

With a patented 3 step protocol, Stop Smoking NOW!  Using proven techniques, become a non-smoker, with life long results.  Saving your life, your time, and your money.

Weight Loss

The most effective way to lose weight.  Eat healthier, raise your metabolism, and crave exercise.  You were born with all that you need to stay fit, fun, and lively.  Let me unlock those potentials for you.

Anxiety Depression Insomnia
These are serious illnesses that distorts a persons perspective, robs a person of their confidence, and drains their strength.    Let me restore the natural thoughts and restore clarity of mind.
Drug Alcohol and Sex Addictions
Addictions are diseases that need treatment, in immediate fashion, before they ruin lives.  Hypnotherapy is a proven and effective method for recovery.

Pain Management and Chronic Illness

Dealing with pain and the discomfort of chronic illnesses and diseases, such as back pain, Chrone's, fibromyalgia, asthma, etc., are tiring and inconvenient.   Being a state certified clinical hypnotherapist, I have the skill, training, and various modalities to alleviate the pressures of these illnesses.

Sports Enhancement
Providing therapy for a team or individuals, I personalize sessions to reach the goals desiredFirst clearing the mental blockages, then fine tuning the game to my clients needs.

Love and Relationships

Find the clarity that you need to find anew or keep the love that you have.  Let me help you get in touch with your true feelings so that you can make the right decision.  I will teach you to manifest your perfect mate. 

Phobias and Fears

Eliminate fears and phobias and reclaim your life.  The world is your oyster and you should be able to treat it as such.  Let's conquer that fear!

Financial Prosperity

There is a reason that you feel like you cannot reach your full potential.  Find out why you are stuck spinning the wheels of life, and break free.  The financial freedom you seek is attainable.

The following list is not complete as there are many other uses for the practice of hypnosis.
Weight Control
Stop Smoking
Erotic and Sexual Enhancement
Stress Management
Physical and Mental Relaxation
Motivational Problems
Problem Solving
Gambling Problems
Memory Improvement
Stopping Addictions
Pain Management
Breast Enhancement
Present and Past-Life Regression
Uncovering memories that are normally inaccessible
Increasing Financial Prosperity
Test Anxiety
Study and Exam Performance
Concentration Difficulties
Ending Insomnia
Self Esteem Issues
Panic Attacks
Excessive Anxiety
Migraine Headaches
Emotional Difficulties
Relationship Problems
Heart Break
Trauma (incest, rape, physical and emotional abuse, cult abuse)
Sexual Dysfunction
Enhancing Sports Performance
Behavior Modification
Changing Habitual Behavior
Lowering High Blood Pressure
Ending Fears and Phobias
Improving Job Performance
Ending Writers Block
Correcting Stuttering
Driving Phobias
Bed Wetting
Healing Claustrophobia
Healing Grief and Loss
Increasing Physical Energy
Resolving Angry Feelings
Becoming More Optimistic
Spiritual Guidance
Finding Your Earthly Purpose
Expansion of Consciousness
Dentistry (control salivation, bleeding, and pain)
Prevention of Gagging and Nausea
Creative Visualization for Healing
Hypnotic Dream Work

Anything the mind affects, hypnosis can work on...