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A metaphysical approach affects all that exists.

Drug, Alcohol,


Sex Addictions

Addictions are diseases that need treatment, in immediate fashion, before they ruin lives. Hypnotherapy is a proven and effective method for recovery.


Addiction to alcohol can start so subtle that a victim may be spiraling out of control before they even know that they have a problem. Let me help.


Drug abuse damages lives, bodies, and destroys families. Stop now! I can curb the addiction, desire, and thoughts. It's time to get your life back. 

Sex Addiction

Do your levels of arousal and desire far outmatch your lover? Are you living a life that is too risque; taking chances, and having multiple partners? Get help. 

Porn Addiction

Porn addiction can quickly effect your love life, your job, and your personal interactions with people. This habit is known to cause social anxieties and creates a false sense of understanding situations and/or the opposite sex. 

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